Start of the new product planning


With the experience with windows, doors, facades and building technology, the Blinng GmbH developed a product which fits in almost every apartment, hotel or office building.

Our “Brillant” door frame made out of glass is equipped with latest LED-technology. Colors and color temperature creates a brand new harmony between door leaf and frame.

Each color has a different effect to our body and our mind. Colors have typical wavelength and energy, which transfer to our body.

On the one hand for example blue light can be cooling and relaxing, on the other hand red light can be warming and stimulating.

The company Blinng GmbH realize individual and architectonic lightning solutions in different areas, indoor and outdoor use.

Make your own door frame

We created for you the opportunity to make your own individual door frame. Responsible for the sale, installation and Service from the Blinng GmbH are the authorized specialist shops. Direct purchase from the factory is available at our internet shop or the exhibition. For inquiries please use our contact form.

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